Client References

Ian Meikle, Principal Consultant, Inbuilt Ltd - I have worked closely with Vicki over a number of years on a large range of projects.  We were initially colleagues at BRE, and due to Vicki's sustainability expertise, high quality of work and commitment to customers we now utilise Vicki's consultancy experience at Inbuilt.

Jon Bootland, Director, Sustainable Development Foundation - Vicki worked for the SD Foundation on our sustainable procurement programme for healthcare building clients. We specifically sought Vicki out to come and help us because of her experience in developing the BREEAM programme, which was being adopted for health buildings. In addition we felt that she had a good mix of soft personal skills and technical expertise to be able to help inexpert building clients through what is for them a difficult process.

Ian Orme, Director, Rickaby Thompson Associates  - Vicki is currently working as a consultant with Rickaby Thompson Associates in a client facing and business development role, with her primary task being to assist in the development of the Environmental Assessment Consortium.  We approached Vicki when we knew she was setting up her own business as we knew that her business development skills and knowledge of the market we work in would complement our business.  Some of the competencies we favored included her friendly and professional attitude when liaising with clients and her pragmatic approach to industry issues.  Vicki can always be relied upon to deliver what she promises and will produce thorough and well thought out work.  In her role at Rickaby Thompson Vicki has been looking at updating our marketing materials e.g. website, presentations, document templates, she has been responsible for key client liaison and ensuring that we are meeting our clients' current and future needs.  She is organizing a seminar for key contacts where she will be one of the speakers and is also preparing case studies of our work to present to new and existing clients in a variety of formats.  We are delighted to have her as part of the team.

Victor R Bragg, Regional Director Middle East, BRE Global - Victoria provided first class support to the development and marketing of BREEAM Gulf - BRE 's environmental assessment method for new buildings. Over a two year period her work in developing bespoke methodologies to meet specific client requirements in the United Arab Emirates formed the basis of the development of a regionally focused methodology which is being successfully rolled out throughout the Middle East.  This successful project has in turn positively influenced the refinement of the initial BREEAM methodology developed and used throughout the UK and Europe over the past 15 years. Her support to me in this area is very much appreciated and I look forward to opportunities to work together in the future.

Richard Hardy - Director of Sustainability, BREEAM - Working with Vicki was a real pleasure, you always knew that when you asked for something to be done it would be delivered on time and of a very high quality, and she always went the extra mile to meet our customer expectations. Vicki's grasp of sustainability issues and the clear logic she applied to her work gave me real confidence in all the advice she gave me.

Paul Thistlethwaite, BREEAM Training Manager - Vicki is an accomplished trainer and facilitator able to deliver technical material to industry professionals. She demonstrates a calm authority with an unassuming manner which generates a large level of relatedness with the audience. Vicki is able to manage the training room to ensure that the course objectives are met, creating a very effective training environment.

Virginia Cinquemani, Senior Consultant, BRE - As a manager Vicki has always been supportive and caring, her excellent project and people management skills always led to projects being completed successfully and on time,for example the development of BREEAM Healthcare on behalf of the Department of Health. She has demonstrated that she is a strong and professional leader with a human touch.

Anna Surgenor, Sustainability Manager, Olympic Delivery Authority - During the time I was working with Vicki as my line manager in the BREEAM team I gained a great deal in terms of acquiring valuable management skills and knowledge which helped in advancing my career.  Through the projects I worked on with Vicki she demonstrated a focused, consistent and thorough attitude to project management. Among the many skills Vicki possesses she has the ability to be assertive but equally listens to the issues and presents a balanced approach.  Vicki provided our team with a huge sense of morale as a manager and always provided consistent support, direction and knowledge. During this time she also remained proactive with industry in driving forward sustainability and played a significant part in the growth of the BREEAM schemes through working with industry in the built environment.

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